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Fax Machines

Fax Machines

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  1. Canon-JX-201


    Canon-JX-201 Learn More
  2. Brother-FAX-236S


    Brother-FAX-236S Learn More
  3. Canon-B820


    Canon-B820 Learn More
  4. Brother FAX-827S

    Brother FAX-827S

    This Plain paper thermal fax machine is an indispensable communication tool that connects locally and overseas with a range of communications options as a fax or phone. It comes with a G3 9.6K bps modem that ensures fast transmission & also has the memory capacity to save incoming fax transmissions of up to 20 pages. It also comes with pre-set 100 speed dial buttons and even broadcast to 104 locations. Learn More
  5. Brother Fax 770

    Brother Fax 770

    This thermal paper fax machine has a. conventional transmission speed (9600 bps). It has a built in telephone handset with a display. It also comes with features like automatic paper handling and memory reception. Learn More
  6. Brother FAX-2820

    Brother FAX-2820

    This plain paper fax machine with laser printing has a very fast transmission speed (14400bps) and a high fax printing resolution (200x300 dpi) that triples up as the laser copier and a phone as well. It comes with features like, 20-page automatic document feeder, 250-sheet paper capacity and 8MB memory that can store up to 400 pages of incoming and outgoing faxes. Learn More

6 Item(s)