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Carcass incorporates supple sidewalls

Deeper tread grooves in an optimised tread design

Tread deign features higher sipe density and computerised tread pitch sequence

Premium all-season tread compound

Supple sidewalls for comfort and reliability

Outstanding traction and responsive
braking capability

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Available Sizes : * • 145/80R1274S ZVTS TL * • 155/70R13 ZVTS TL * • 155/80R13 ZVTS TL * • 165/65R13 ZVTS TL * • 165/80R13 ZVTS TL * • 165/80R13 ZVTS TL * • 175/65R1482T ZVTS HTL * • 175/70R13 ZVTS TL * • 175/70R1484T ZVTS YTL * • 185/60R14 ZVTS TL * • 185/65R1384H ZVTS TL * • 185/70R14 ZVTS TL * • 145/70R12 ZVTS TT * • 145/70R13 ZVTS * • 145/70R1371S ZVTS MTT * • 145/80R12 ZVTS * • 145/80R13 ZVTS * • 155/70R13 ZVTS TT * • 155/80R13 ZVTS * • 165/65R13 ZVTS TT * • 165/80R13 ZVTS TT * • 165/80R14 ZVTS * • 165/80R15 ZVTS * • 175/65R14 ZVTS TT * • 175/65R1482T ZVTS FTT * • 175/70R13 ZVTS * • 175/70R1382T ZVTS * • 175/70R1382S ZVTS TT * • 175/70R1484T ZVTS * • 175/80R13 ZVTS * • 185/60R1482H ZVTS * • 185/70R14 ZVTS TT * • 185/70R1386T ZVTS * • 185/70R1386TZVTSTT * • 205/60R1387H ZVTS * • LT175R14 ZVTS 96/94Q Optimum traction and a smooth, quite ride Special polymer compound provides long-term even tread wear

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manufacturer MRF

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